Sierra Moore

Chicago, IL


I'm a continuous learner, with a passion for front-end web technologies. I'm naturally observant and attentive to detail. With my background in hairdressing, I know how to collaborate with a client to refine their ideas and ensure that they get the result they are looking for.

Skills & Tools

Programming Languages




Websites for Vest

Built static informational and marketing sites for vest, harbor and manifest ledger. Optimized sites with security, responsivity, and SEO.

3D Game - Space Wars

A two player game competing over taking the most resources first. Incorporates texture mapping, generation of game objects, and particle effects. Built using babylon.js, HTML5, and CSS.

2D Canvas Game

An avoiding obstacle game that incorporates collision detection, animation, score and health tracking. Created mainly using HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript.

Full stack Movie Catalog Website

Used TMDb API to query selected data about movies. Created user login, and preferences selection for user to select favorite genres, and a watchlist page where user could store their selected movies. Created in a team with two other classmates using JavaScript, Node.js, CSS, EJS, MongoDB, and Express.

Restaurant Website Coded & Tested

Created a restaurant POS system based on a requirement document. Made wireframes and user stories. Coded in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Designed and documented test cases. Executed the tests via manual testing.


General Assembly, Chicago, IL3/2018

600+ Hour Full Stack Web Development Program
Focused on learning best practices in object-oriented programming, MVC frameworks, front-end frameworks, building and using APIs, and collaborating with classmates in an agile workflow.

Per Scholas, Bronx, NY9/2017

300+ Software Testing Training Course in partnership with Tech Talent Pipeline
Focused on learning software development methodologies, software testing methodologies, and programming fundamentals.

City College, Santa Barbara CA11/2013

Cosmetology Academy

Work Experience

Front-end Web Developer, Vest, Chicago, IL5/2018 - present

Hairstylist, Kolorbar, Manhattan, NY12/2016 - 3/2017

Hairstylist, The Color Room, Santa Barbara, CA11/2013 - 3/2016

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